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Pour Les wrote on 12 Jan 2021:
Recently, I've just resorted to saying "Look it up online" to avoid using the word Google. I have a real distaste for generic trademarks, so I tend to use neutral terms if I can.
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Yeah, I've decided to do with "look it up" as it's also 3 syllables (like "Google it") and still rolls off the tongue nicely.
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Mark Bozo wrote on 12 Jan 2021:
Like you said in the post, "search for it" doesn't have any context but I feel if you omit "for" and just say "Search It" in today's world is a given that you mean online IMHO.
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Yeah, great point. "search it" does work well.

I think the front runners at the moment are "search it" and "look it up".

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Aliv Faizal Muhammad wrote on 3 Jan 2021:
Hi Kev.. I found your site from my phone google discover. I really want to use static site instead of WordPress, but it is not easy to switch to, especially for me who have no ability on coding.

The main problem with WordPress is that it is very popular that so many hackers attempt to hijack. It's very tiring. Everytime updates come, plugin compatibility starts giving issues.

Is easier way to move to static site?

Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Hey Aliv,

The fact of the matter is that static sites like Jekyll require more coding knowledge than something like WordPress. If you want a user interface that you can login to and use, I'd suggest looking into NetlifyCMS - it will allow you to have a portal you login to and manage your site, similar to WordPress.

You can easily deploy a selection of static sites with NetlifyCMS using this link - https://www.netlifycms.org/docs/start-with-a-template/

Good luck!
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Gui G wrote on 30 Dec 2020:
Now that you've gone meta with the post about your writing workflow, may I suggest a related topic?

Would love to read your take on writing and style. Your writing is clear and fun to read (even if it's on something as foreign to me as fishkeeping). Makes me wonder how you do it!
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
I've always thought I was a fairly poor writer to be honest. I just try to write how I would talk to someone over a beer. ๐Ÿ˜„

I'll add this to my list of drafts though.
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Brenden wrote on 27 Dec 2020:
Awesome site, enjoyed reading your post on switching to Jekyl. Cheers!
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Ari Sweedler wrote on 24 Dec 2020:
๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Enjoyed your post. I love the purism! Sending good vibes from me and mine to you and yours ?
Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Thanks, glad you like it. Hereโ€™s the post link for others:
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